Tables and Chairs




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Brown Metal Chairs
SALE PRICE: $1.20*

White Padded Seat Chairs
SALE PRICE: $2.99*

White Metal Chair
SALE PRICE: $1.75*

Banquet Table 6ft. or 8 ft.
SALE PRICE: $7.50*

5 foot Round Table
SALE PRICE: $7.50*

Children’s Table 6ft.
SALE PRICE: $7.50*

Card Tables
SALE PRICE: $7.50*

Children’s Chair
SALE PRICE: $1.50*

4 Foot Round Table
SALE PRICE: $7.50*

3 foot Round Table
SALE PRICE: $7.50*

*Sale price subject to availability. Can not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Offer valid with paid reservation 2 weeks prior to event. Call for details.

At DeAngelis Party Supplies in Sayville, NY, we offer a wide selections of party tables and chairs for adults and children.

White Peacock Chair
White Padded Seat Chair
Bright White Metal Chair
Brown Metal Chair
5-Foot Round Table
4-Foot Round Table
3-Foot Round Table
Banquet Table – 8′ x 30″, seats 8-10 people
Banquet Table – 6′ x 30″ seats 6-8 people
Card Tables – Metal 30″ x 30″
Children’s Table – Children’s height, seats 6 or 8-10 with children’s chairs.
Children’s Chairs – Red, Blue or Yellow